The Cano-Eixo Specialties


Kitchens are the hub and gathering place for family and friends - full course meals and entertainment. It is the welcome to your home. Careful consideration and functionality of the room. Utilizing state of the art/green technology in appliances, lighting, cabinetry, and the organic materials that will finish the working and walking surfaces of the kitchen. Beginner chef or culinary master... Your family and friends will never leave.


Bathrooms are sanctuaries offering initimacy or relaxation away from the days' activities. Subtle changes, even full remodel integrating the latest products - fixtures, combined with organic surface materials enhance the use of this luxury space. Installing quality, ensuring functionality, even when designed on practical budgets.

Outdoor Living

Expand your home's interior with a custom built BBQ galley, seating or home entertainment center in the great outdoors. The sky is the limit, even when budget minded practicality is employed. Any homeowner has the ability to capture the earth, wind and fire, through an outdoor room. This is one room that will stand up to Mother Nature's test through a steel structure covered in natural surfaces: wood, stone and tile. Extending the seasons, while providing a full California experience!