Welcome to Cano-Eixo Construction

Welcome to organic living, indoors and outdoors! Cano-Eixo Construction calls upon time-honored traditions from Europe - the use of natural granite, marble, tile and wood to create your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor living space. Aleixo Chumbeiro, owner of Cano-Eixo Construction located in Livermore, California, draws upon his old-world skills and Portuguese/European heritage to create exceptional indoor or outdoor living space. Working with raw materials is second nature to Aleixo; you could say that natural elements are truly his "element."

Cano-Eixo Construction believes that the quality of any component of a living space is contingent on the strength of its foundation. They never take shortcuts when it comes to workmanship or quality. Their unique combination of skilled craftsmanship, technical knowledge and industry savvy assures, produces and maintains a finished product that is flawless, timeless and functional. Not to mention beautiful.

Any homeowner is within reach of the indoor or outdoor living space they dream of. Cano-Eixo wants to help you make your vision a reality. Experience the transformation.